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Tenga Dual Feel Cup Stroker


The all new Tenga Dual Feel Cup has two pleasures that you can enjoy from both directions. It is a luxurious cup that you can enjoy two different pleasures, "Bitter side" that tightly tightens and "Sweet side" that gently entangles.
This revolutionary Japanese Tenga Dual Feel Cup masturbator has a super-tight hole and a gently-clinging orifice. Slip into the 2 lubed-up air-cushioned chambers and enjoy wholly different orgasmic sensations. Heaven!
Either side gives several different textures throughout the passage, varying the ride depending on how deep or fast you go. Offering a sensually complex array of sensations, the Tenga rises above its imitators with a one-of-a-kind experience.
The Tenga Dual Feel Cup is pre-lubed and ready to go, and while it"s designed for one time use, you could certainly use a condom to keep things clean for multiple uses, or clean well by running warm water through and adding your choice of (water based) lube.
1) Peel the package film off the cap part along the perforations. Watch your fingers while peeling off.
2) Remove the caps and slowly insert your penis direct through the holes in the cup.
3) Gain pleasant and most excited feeling just like the real thing. For Double Hole Tenga, enjoy two different sensual sensation from the bitter side and from the sweet side.

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Tenga Dual Feel Cup Stroker
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