Electrastim Exo Rogue Prostate Massager - Silver
If you need intensity, power, and the kind of electro play that you'll be thinking about for days to come; the new ElectraStim ‘Rogue' Prostate Massager is here to exceed all your expectations. The first of a new range of...
Impulse Intimate E-Stimulator Remote Kegel Exerciser - Purple
Impulse Intimate E-Stimulator Remote Kegel Exerciser use the zinc-alloy stimulator pads to automatically tone and strengthen the pelvic muscles responsible for arousal and climax. Our tingling kegel weight has 7 vibration functions, 5 electro-stim pads & a flexible retrieval cord....
ElectraStim Ovid Silicone Noir Dildo
Boasting a sweeping upward curve, bulbous tip and mid-shaft swell, the Silicone Noir Ovid Electro G-Spot Dildo is a beautifully formed dildo that serves up incredible stimulation for either her G-spot or his prostate. Soft, squeezable and incredibly conductive, this...
ElectraStim Stimulator to 3.5 mm Accessories
Do you have electro-sex toys or attachments from other brands that you'd like to use with your ElectraStim stimulator? Use the ElectraStim stimulator to 3.5mm adapter to enjoy any toy with an integrated cable and a 3.5mm jack alongside your...
ElectraStim Jack to ElectraStim Cable Adapter - 3.5 mm
If you already own an electro-sex stimulator from another e-stim or TENS brand (with a female 3.5mm output socket) then this 3.5mm to ElectraStim adapter allows you to use your existing power box with any ElectraStim toy or accessory.
ElectraStim Triphase Combiner Cable
Using the ElectraStim Triphase Combiner Cable to convert your dual channel stimulator for use with three accessories (or one bipolar and one unipolar) instead of four. By combining the sensations from two channels into three outputs you can experience an...
ElectraStim Aura Silicone Noir Multi-Purpose Probe
Silicone Noir Aura Multi-Probe Electrode is our go-to probe for electro sex toy beginners. Its small size and simple shape makes insertion and wear easy, whether you want to stimulate vaginally or anally. The anchored base provides safety during anal...
Kinklab Neon Wand
Make the sparks fly! The Neon Wand from Kinklab is a visually stunning way to stimulate your senses! With its gorgeous, glowing glass attachments and its unique ability to literally make sparks fly from your fingertips, this instrument of pleasure...
ElectraStim Accessory - Silicone Noir Rocker Butt Plug - Small
The ElectraStim Rocker Butt Plug Small has been designed for truly hands-free use. The unique curved Rocker bases feature embedded 2mm inputs that allow you to sit on, rock and grind against the e-stim butt plug during wear. Designed with...
ElectraStim Spare Replacement Cable
It's important to keep your ElectraStim cables in good working order to ensure safety during play and the resilient tinsel wire of the 2mm Replacement Cable ensures plenty of uses and optimum delivery of power from stimulator to toy. Our...
ElectraStim Accessory - Rectangle Self Advesive Pads (Pack of 4)
ElectraStim is a unique and exciting form of erotic play that directly stimulates nerve endings using carefully produced electrical signals for a highly stimulating sensation. These self adhesive pads are long and thin making them ideal for placing along or...
ElectraStim Accessory - Square Self Adhesive Pads (Pack of 4)
ElectraStim is a unique and exciting form of erotic play that directly stimulates nerve endings using carefully produced electrical signals for a highly stimulating sensation. ElectraPads are a set of four self-adhesive conducting pads that can be re-used up to...
ElectraStim Accessory - Single Uni-Polar Pinwheel
Escalate the impact of every erotic touch with our electro-charged Wartenberg wheel. The ElectraStim pinwheel tickles your lover's skin as it glides across the surface, teasing their nerve endings to attention and leaving their response to touch heightened. Our uni-polar...
ElectraStim Accessory - Metallic Adjustable Cock Loops
If you love the feel of metal cock rings but crave a more tailored fit for your size and shape then the ElectraStim Metallic Adjustable E-Stim Cock Rings could be your perfect match. Made from a non-stretch metallic coil, they...
Pretty Love Thunderbird Electrostim Strapless Strap On - Fuchsia
This wonderful Strapless Strap-On makes every second counts as its harness-free feature, 12 modes of vibration and 3 modes of electro stimulation promises you a more spontaneous, uninterrupted experience. Its bulbous shafts with vibration and electro stimulating parts sit perfectly...
Zeus Electrosex E-Stim Pro Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring w/Remote - Black
NO ETA $$Zeus Electrosex E-Stim Pro Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring w/Remote - Black
Shots Electroshock Lightning Wand - Black
Never has a multi-functional device been so versatile as this ELECTRO SHOCKr LIGHTNING WAND! The complete set consists of a high-frequency vibration wand with an insulated handle, as well as 4 different glass probes for different stimulation areas. Just click...
Shots Electroshock Nipple Suckers - Clear
Combine the arousal and pleasure these nipple enhancers create whilst massaging or cupping the breasts and stimulating them additionally with electricity! These ELECTRO SHOCK NIPPLE TWISTERS work simply while being highly effective! Just place the silicone suction cups over the...
Shots Electroshock E-Stimulation Vibrating Prostate Massager - Black
Intensify your sex play with this brand new line of ELECTRO SHOCK toys! Using electrical currents to stimulate nerve endings in erogenous zones, these vibrating stimulators will take your orgasms to a whole new level! By targeting the most intimate...
Romantic Wave Electro Shock Vibrating Nipple Clamps - Rose
Make your nipples tingle with joy with these vibrating nipple clamps. Fully adjustable to fit any shape and size nipples with soft pads to prevent nipple chaffing and to ensure maximum comfort.It has 7 functions of vibration,1 function and 3...
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