=Fun Factory Paired for Pleasure Next Level Sex 2 Pc Kit - Black


A beginner-friendly set for butt play and beyond.
Our famed butt plug and our vibrating c-ring will please all your hot spots at once.
BOOTIE's slim base sets it apart from other plugs—it's the most comfortable one you'll find. Its curved tip offers a feeling of fullness and nestles against the prostate without being too overwhelming, even for beginners.
NOS has two pressure points that squeeze the penis just right for harder erections. Its two curvy extensions each house a powerful motor that rumbles against the clit during penetration, or when used as a finger vibe.
Look inside the packaging sleeve for two Yes/No/Maybe lists, one for you and one for your partner. Fill them out at the same time, and compare notes when you're done. You'll have a whole list of future adventures with your toys.
Wear BOOTIE while your partner massages themself with NOS, and pleasure yourselves side by side.
Let BOOTIE stroke your prostate as NOS gently squeezes the most sensitive parts of your penis for all-over pleasure.
Two Year Warranty.

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=Fun Factory Paired for Pleasure Next Level Sex 2 Pc Kit - Black
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