STRICT Spreader Bar System
$83.99 $47.88
STRICT Spreader Bar System
Strap your lover into this comfortable spreader bar to heighten the mood! Excite your sex life with this bondage positioning aid, designed to spread their ankles wide apart and trap their wrists between them. Imagine the possibilities! Put your play...
$83.99 $47.88
Rouge Leather Leg Spreader Bar with Black Cuffs
Adjustable Leg Spreader Bar with black leather cuffs. Bar without extension is 24 inches. With extension up to 38 inches. The tubular steel leg spreader with leather cuffs, allows you to put your lover in a spread leg position that...
$89.99 $58.77
Playful Furry Cuffs - Assorted Colors
Let your lover take the lead and indulge in sensationally enhanced pleasure with the Playful Furry Cuffs. These versatile handcuffs are ideal for experienced restraint lovers, blushing beginners or couples looking to experience with dazzling bondage play. Give yourself over...
Fetish Fantasy Series Designer Cuffs
Give your lover a surprise when you bring out these hefty metal handcuffs.
Sex & Mischief Amor Handcuffs
Embrace the seductive allure and indulge in every electrifyingly moment with the Amor Handcuffs. Feel the smooth vegan leather adorn your wrists in a stunning red finish with a dazzling black heart accent and give in to every restrained temptation....
Sex & Mischief Brat Locking Cuffs
Give your brattiest partner a reason to reconsider their actions with the Brat Locking Cuffs! Crafted with sleek black vegan leather and adorned with captivating rose gold accents, lock your plaything right where you want them and enact every enticing...
Japanese Bondage Silicone Cuffs - Small - Assorted Colors
For both beginners and restraint enthusiasts, these premium silicone cuffs feature a single-piece molded design with no metal hardware to break, snag apparel, or irritate skin. Perfect for light bondage play, these firm yet flexible wrist cuffs provide strong but...
Euphoria Collection Ankle Cuffs
"Experience the captivating allure of the Euphoria Collection Ankle Cuffs. This set includes two ankle restraints with a functional and contemporary design. The cuffs are fully adjustable with a secure buckle closure, ensuring a perfect fit and complete control over...
Euphoria Collection Hand Cuffs
"Experience the captivating allure of restraint play with the Euphoria Collection Hand Cuffs. This exquisite set includes two wrist restraints that perfectly blend functionality with contemporary design, allowing you to embrace the exciting world of bondage in style. Designed for...
In A Bag Furry Handcuffs - Black
For both beginners and restraint enthusiasts, are covered with soft faux fur to cushion the metal cuffs. Perfect for bondage play, these cuffs provide strong hold for as long as your fantasy lasts.
Plesur Wrapped Spreader Bar - Red
This PVC decoratively wrapped spreader bar will keep them open, willing and in place, fits most cuffs. Attach wrist and ankle cuffs for bondage play.
Plesur Metal Spreader Bar - Large
This metal spreader bar will keep them open willing and in place, fits most cuffs. Attach wrist and ankle cuffs for bondage play.
Whipsmart Diamond Over The Door Cuffs - Blue
Keep your partner bound in place with this restraint accessory, which can be secured to a door in an instant for quick play. Perfect for bondage lovers of all levels, the Whipsmart Diamond Over the Door Cuffs instantly and effortlessly...
Sex & Mischief Brat Thigh & Wrist Cuffs
Not doing what you're told never looked so good. Show your dom they'll have to restrain you if they want to get their way with these Wrist to Thigh Cuffs. Made for a wide range of thighs, this restraint system...
Sex & Mischief Brat Handcuffs
Show your them you always get what you want with restraints that will leave you begging for more. The Brat Handcuffs feature corset-like cutouts and a short rose gold chain for a sassy look. Who knows, these handcuffs might just...
In A Bag Handcuffs - Black
For both beginners and restraint enthusiasts, these vegan leather cuffs are lined with velvet to protect skin and feel good. Perfect for light bondage play, these cuffs provide strong but comfortable restraint and submission without pain
Punishment Thigh to Wrist Restraints
Get ready to lose control with the Punishment Thigh to Wrist Restraints! This restraint set is a perfect introduction for any couples looking to explore the intimate and exciting world of light bondage and restraint play. Both thigh and wrist...
Punishment Crystal Detail Handcuffs
Arrest your pleasure with the Punishment Crystal Detail Handcuffs! This set of cuffs is the perfect introduction for anyone into the world of BDSM and light bondage. They are comfortable and easy to use so get ready to discover a...
WhipSmart Heartbreaker Deluxe Buckle Love Cuffs - Black/Red
Use the Whipsmart Deluxe Buckle Love Cuffs to set the mood for a fun night of bondage. These cuffs are adjustable to comfortably fit around the wrist or ankles with buckles that keep them secured and a quick-release chain attaching...
WhipSmart Glow in the Dark Deluxe Detachable Buckle Cuffs - Blue
Teach your submissive partner a sexy lesson with cuffs that secure their wrists or ankles during long sessions of bondage play. These cuffs are lightly padded to provide comfort, and buckle closures to keep them in place. Explore kink in...
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