The Curve 3 3/4" Curved Cock Cage & Lock Set - Black
The Curve® Chastity device is designed for the well-endowed. The Curve® is newly updated to incorporate the larger cage from the Classic Curve model, with the innovative U-ring design of all CB-X® devices. Trust that your monster package will fit...
Locked In Lust The Vice Mini V2 - Assorted Colors
The Vice Mini Version 2 (or V2) has a slight modification from the original design. We have lowered the urination hole to allow for easier bathroom usage, as well as added a small drain hole at the bottom of the...
Locked In Lust The Vice Plus - Assorted Colors
The Vice Plus male chastity cage is the most comfortable penis chastity device in The Vice Series. Men in chastity prefer The Vice Plus over the Holytrainer. With a larger diameter and longer tube, this penis cage is more comfortable...
Locked In Lust The Vice Standard - Assorted Colors
The Vice Chastity Device is the first and only inescapable chastity device in the world not requiring a PA (Prince Albert) piercing. The Vice is commonly compared with the Holy Trainer; however, The Vice rivals even that of the Holy...
Locked In Lust The Vice Clitty - Pink
CLITTY IS HERE. Coming in at almost half the size of The Vice MICRO, this tiny clitty cage comes in just under 0.7? (18 mm)! Are The Vice Mini and Micro too big for you? Are you looking to squeeze...
Locked In Lust The Vice Micro - Black
MICRO IS HERE. At almost half the size of The Vice Mini, this tiny cage measures in at 0.98? (25 mm)! Is The Vice Mini too big for you? Are you looking to squeeze that micro-penis into an even smaller...
Shots Ouch 3.5" Model 20 Cock Cage - Glow in the Dark
Ouch! Glow in the Dark, the future of bondage is here. Designed with an authentic bondage aesthetic, but with the added delight of the glow-in-the-dark properties, the fluorescent green detailing will turn every event into a part. With Ouch! Glow...
Blue Line Deluxe Chastity Cage - Black
Surround your cock with the cool, hard feel of thick metal rings that wrap around all the way down to the tip.
Blue Line Prisoner Cock Cage - Black
You'll enjoy the firm grip of the stainless steel against your cock as it keeps you in place, no matter how hard you attempt to escape. This Cock Cage keeps your penis in an ergonomically curved enclosure that locks in...
Blue Line Silicone Chastity Cage - Black
The Silicone Chastity Cage Device offers the best of comfort and security. The rings consist of three interlocking pieces that fit together. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The oval locking pin goes through the middle recessed...
Mr. Stubb Cock Cage - Black
Enjoy the next step in sensual restraint from CB-X® with the Mr. Stubb® cock cage. Mr. Stubb is your gateway to the ultimate lockdown your Keyholder has been training you for. Give your Keyholder even more control by wearing the...
Mr. Stubb Cock Cage Kit - Black
The next step in sensual restraint from CB-X®. Mr. Stubb® in Black is your gateway to the lockdown you've been waiting for. Give your keyholder even more control with this new device that keeps you locked under tighter constraint.
Mini Me Cock Cage Kit - Black
Mini-Me® is a drastic drop in size from any CB-X® cage, and a big leap into a new level of restraint you can get from chastity devices. CB-X® is proud to bring you what many of our fans have been...
Mini Me Cock Cage - Black
The Mini-Me® cock cage takes a drastic drop in size and a big leap in the level of restraint offered from the CB-X® line of chastity cages. Take your sissy lockdown to the highest level of restraint by being locked...
Blue Line Obedience Cage - Silver
Take control of your partner's arousal with a cage that covers the top of his shaft with an almost solid sheath that also has openings for comfort. This cage is customizable to get the perfect fit. A separate ring goes...
Oxballs Cock Lock Cock Cage - Clear
This Cock Lock Cock Cage from Oxballs is made from super soft TPR and stretches to fit even the most eager sub's leaking member. Features a small opening at the tip allowing for easy bladder emptying and extended wear. The...
Hunky Junk Lockdown Chastity
Lockdown is a meaty thick and weighty chastity toy. Lockdown stretches to fit any size guy, but restrictive enough to make an erection difficult. The sling-style helps keep it on, and the curved shaft makes wear possible under clothing, 24/7....
Oxballs Meatlocker Chastity - Assorted Colors
MEATLOCKER is Oxballs first full-cover chastity device—it's easy to put on + comfortable for long-term wear. This thing stretches to fit and grips like a glove. Our PLUS+SILICONE has the feel of warm silicone and the strength and stretch of...
Doctor Love's Vibrating Cock Cage
The Zinger by Doctor Love's is a vibrating pleasure cage designed to heighten pleasure for both you and your partner. The super-slim micro vibrator sends out 11,000 vibrations per minute providing internal excitement and stimulation. The Zinger is comfortable, easy...
CB-6000 Cock Cage and Lock Set - Clear
The CB-6000S is the shorter version of the CB-6000 Male Chastity Device. The CB-6000S Male Chastity Device offers the utmost in comfort and security. The ring design consists of three interlocking pieces that fit together like a puzzle. The two...
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